The Soulful Academy

Modern Soulful Academy

Join our exclusive Spiritual Academy for unlimited access to our audio programs, e-workshops, and online courses. This curriculum usually takes about a year to complete. Once you have completed the master’s level written & audio lessons and the Master’s Project, you are eligible to receive the certification.

For your heart-centered investment of $444 

2 Live Calls Per Semester*‚Äč with Goddess Dorthea ($222)

Connection To Temple Sisterhood

Access To Online Portal and Phone App with Video Lessons, Books, Mindmaps

Recorded Affirmations*

Audio Meditations

Manifestation music

Sacred Moon Rituals

‚ÄčThis offering is valued at well over $3000 however it is our desire to keep a moderate price so that more women may have access as it is greatly needed at this moment in time.

Subscribe to here get access

Access your content and begin your curriculum immediately when you subscribe today.

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