The Angel Tarotist – Psychic Readings

Miss Dortheá Enriqúe’s ability to connect with Angels and Spiritual Guides allows her to send a detailed reading that will bring clarity, understanding and divine guidance and any other intuitive insight that your angels have been trying to tell you but may have ignored.

She will aid you in being able to hear your angel’s messages directed to you.

Each card deck is charged with the intention to provide healing in your life. She will deliver a message that is specific to your recent past, current present and near future.

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1. Create a list of specific questions you want to ask to stay on track. Though you may think to yourself that you have a question and ready to talk to your Psychic Advisor regarding the issue. Sometimes so much information comes through and comes up for you, the excitement can cause you lose your train of thought. During the opening of the energy in a Psychic Reading, other questions are already forming in your mind. Your spirit becomes open and willing to hear the truth. 

The energy at the start of your reading might be just the start towards making you push aside something that later you may want to know.

Preparing an intentional list can add to the reading because anything visual is a focal point; thus, you can keep a steady flow of energy going between you and the reader.

Yes, you can always connect with your Psychic Reader again. However, this will get you off to a good start, so you, as the client, feel fulfilled in the opening of a topic.

2. Light a candle to invite Spirit in the midst. Placing a candle (small candle) in a dish of water is the perfect setting to begin a real psychic reading.

I prefer white as it holds light and the energy of the Holy Spirit. Also, it’s good to have something that represents all of the air, fire, water, and earth elements.

Angels can see the light and are drawn to places that are holy and sacred. This is excellent grounding energy and can be felt almost immediately.

3. Create a “Soul Journal” to take notes on your Psychic reading.

Take notes and keep a journal to document your journey and progress. God has allowed a Psychic reading; because the questions you have allows answers to be spoken to by the universe. It’s a gift and a blessing.

Always keep it in a sacred space. Know that those notes you have are specific for your own growth and development.

4. Be open to new information to come to the surface. Try to relax, which will open yourself up to the energy of Psychic reading.

When you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, you will end your Psychic reading refreshed and inspired with a higher sense of clarity and purpose. Having a psychic reading online or in-person while you are open is beneficial to your overall thought processes.

5. Don’t plan to try to “test the skills” of the psychic reader.

Tricking or testing your reader will only invite deceitful and negative energy into your reading. It makes your Spirit susceptible to negative energy. (This is why you should NEVER do that.) It creates a trickster type of energy around the reading, it opens the doors to deceitful spirits on your end. It closes off the openness of your energy, and may create a block between the psychic connection of you and your reader since she is grounded and protected from negative intent.

Dishonesty in reading puts you at risk. This is a waste of your valuable time. Nothing good can come from this doing.

More about Psychic Dortheá

As a professional psychic reader online and in-person, I am pleased to be of help to you and yours as much as possible. I want you to leave with psychic readings from me fulfilled, with clarity and whole in a way you did not feel before the reading. Born with my gift, I feel what I can do is from God – the Grandmaster Of Design. The Holy Spirit permits me to do what I do. For me, it has not been a learned gift but I hold many certifications and professional achievements. I do feel I learn more and more as I grow in what I do by furthering my education, but it’s not about what I have been trained or taught to do. Helping people have always been a blessing to me, and I hope to be a blessing to you as well.