Modern Soulful Living – Holistic Healing Studio is a sacred and intentional space, where people can tune in to find the soul-filled healing and spiritual wellness that they need to manifest their best life.

On “Soulful Sundays,” we hold sessions as a sanctuary of peace for healing, uplifting, and empowering fulfilled lives worldwide through spiritual, artistic, and creative expressions for a modern soulful life.

Rev. Dr. Dorthea Enrique is an ordained interfaith minister/ spiritual counselor, published author, and public speaker. She creates spiritual wellness music, books, blogs, and podcasts dedicated to remembering the divine feminine, spirituality, manifestation (faith + works), and healing the mind, body, and soul. 

Episode 9: Gratitude – An Universal Love for the Universe Soulful Sessions for Healing the Mind, Body & Soul

You have probably heard that the secret to manifestation is gratitude. Especially if you've been listening to my podcast. Gratitude is a natural energy that is all over our lives, but you may not understand it. Before you grasp the absolute power of gratitude, you must understand all the things it's not.
  1. Episode 9: Gratitude – An Universal Love for the Universe
  2. Episode 8: Energy is Everything. Manifest with Intention
  3. Episode 7 – Belief & Actions : The Power of Positive Thinking and Righteous Thoughts
  4. Episode 6: “Manifesting The Life You Deserve”
  5. Episode 5: “Mastering Your Emotions for the art of Manifestation”

I love this podcast, it feels like I’m being personally mentored by Rev. Dorthea. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

— Brittany Moore

I love Rev. Dorthea’s personality and the feminine wisdom she offers. I’ve learned so much from here and I am so excited to hear more on her podcast!

— Jessica