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Episode 5: “Mastering Your Emotions for the art of Manifestation”

Modern Soulful Living Podcast Episode 5 - Manifestation

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7 Signs you are healing ancestral trauma

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Some of you are breaking generational curses and you don’t even know it.

That’s why your attack has been so hard.

Pain travels down family lines until someone is ready to heal it

By going through the agony of healing, you no longer pass the chalice of poison to the generations that follow.

This is important and sacred work.


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A Stone of Justice & Fairness – Red Jasper

A Stone of Justice & Fairness – This healing gemstone stone is used for bringing stability into your life and help to increase autonomy in your life. It brings the strength to resist emotional domination and overcome domestic violence. It is a powerful protective stone in times of danger. Red Jasper promotes personal independence and helps one to assume responsibility and manifest creativity.