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The ONE Thing That Made a Difference…

Hey Soul Sister, it's Miss Dortheá Enriqúe, your High Priestess & Guiding Light I wanted to write this email to share something I've learned with you. About 5 years ago, I really got tired of trying to manifest my dream life, because it seemed like nothing was working. I thought the power of manifestation was… Continue reading The ONE Thing That Made a Difference…

MissDortheá Enriqúe Blog

4 Magical Ways to Manifest A Better Life

4 Magical Ways to Manifest A Better Life #ModernSoulfulLiving


Peace God/dess!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any self-discovery, life coaching tips and/ or holistic therapy techniques towards creating a better life. But, I’m back and can’t wait to update you on all the new resources I’ve created and the lessons I’ve learned through life experience and academic studies.

The greatest teacher in life is experience.

Honestly, this whole time, I have been consistently trying to get back in alignment with my life’s purpose. I’ve been through some MAJOR obstacles you would have never believed or could imagine – but passing the test has shaped me into a real spiritual bad-ass! In the process, I made a few decisions that kinda took me off my individual path. (I will share that story another day.) But, for right now, I want to share all the magical ways in which I was able to get back in alignment…

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