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Channeling Your Spirit Guides

Spiritual channeling is a process whereby an individual becomes the channel and the spirit speaks for them. Instead of contacting departed loved ones the entities that normally come through our Spirit Guides. Many channelers encounter the same entity or entities repeatedly. The entities that are being channeled, often discuss a particular subject that is normally spiritual and they pass on their knowledge and their wisdom.

Channeling is a skill that anyone can develop. All you need is the desire to grow spiritually and the determination to reach upwards. Channeling does not take years of special training, but what it does require is the ability to make one’s mind calm and free of thoughts. You also need the ability to trust.

If you go back over the years, Priestesses and Priests of the temples, Psychics, Seers, and Shamans were channeling energy from the unconscious to natural spirits and their own Spirit Guides. All civilizations and cultures have had Mystics or trace channelers, who provided a service with their abilities. They tap into a different dimension and bring knowledge, which is not obtainable to the masses. The Shamans and Priests have kept this art form alive until our present day and when used with the right attitude it becomes available to almost anyone.

Channeling is for those of you that wish to enrich and develop the wisdom of your Higher Self. This is not a way of solving your daily and emotional problems.

Sometimes miracles can happen, however, your Spirit Guide will guide and help you find the solutions to what you need to know. Your Spirit Guide does this by helping you to see a variety of options that you have in your decision-making processes.

It is important to understand that channeling must not be confused with someone whose sole intention is to contact the dead and seek their assistance. When a Medium uses spiritual channeling, they are leaving their ordinary waking consciousness and becoming a conduit for a source of energy not normally in their awareness.

They may have a sense of reaching their Higher Self (the highest vibrational part of the self), a Spirit Guide, or other light being, or they may feel a beautiful, loving energy flowing through their body for the healing of themselves and in that of others. Thoughts or images that are not their own may enter their mind, or they may find they are self-speaking in a way that differs from their ordinary thought process.

Channeling is one of the many gifts of Spirit as it helps you to unfold spiritual growth. Channeling is not practiced as an end in itself but as a part of the channeler’s deep desire to be close to the great Spirit and to serve as an instrument for the expression of the higher planes of consciousness. The spiritual channeler does not seek glory; moreover, they feel deeply privileged to be part of the personal and planetary healing process.

Having clarity in channeling comes from your ability to reach a higher vibrational source and maintain clear contact with it. As you enter a deep state of relaxation or meditation, it brings the highest energies present for the session. If you are taking alcohol, or medication, are stressed, or have fatigue, or other forms of illness, these will not give you clear contact. Try to work when you are feeling in excellent condition.

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