Modern Soulful Living – Sacred Sanctuary is a nonprofit spiritual wellness and an interfaith ministry catered to finding divinity within and honoring the three-fold spiritual nature of the Goddess and Mother Earth.

We offer the following resources to assist in your spiritual journey:

  • Modern Soulful Academy: in-person and virtual spiritual teachings, lessons, and workshops for spiritual awareness and enlightenment – including certifications.
  • Modern Soulful Blog: spiritual articles, e-books, and studies to learn about spiritual healing & wellness topics.
  • Soulful Sunday Sessions Podcast: an audio experience and spiritual thoughtcast of interfaith and spiritual topics to help educate you on your spiritual journey.
  • Modern Soulful Music & Meditations: guided meditations and manifestation music for creating inner dialogue and deep listening to build a relationship with the Divine
  • Soulful Coaching & Counseling Sessions: channeled angel and oracle readings directly by Rev. Dr. Dorthea Enrique for spiritual clarity and guidance in love, life, and career. (members only)

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Welcome to Modern Soulful Living, a spiritual movement dedicated to empowering individuals like you towards their best lives. Our members are committed to healing themselves and others while finding purpose through spiritual awareness. By flowing into alignment with their divine assignment, they awaken their true potential and manifest their dreams. We believe in the power of faith and purposeful work as the key to unlocking your full potential. As a one-stop spiritual resource center, our interfaith ministry provides holistic healing services and wellness tools to support you in achieving balance, harmony, and enlightenment on your path. 

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Listen to MSL Podcast

If you are looking for a way to find spiritual peace and awakening, Soulful Sunday Sessions podcast might be your solution. Hosted by Rev. Dr. Dorthea Enrique, a spiritual counselor and interfaith minister, this free podcast is designed to help people find balance in their lives. The podcast covers a variety of topics such as mindfulness, happiness, self-love, and living life with intention. Listening to “Soulful Sundays” sessions provides a personal sanctuary for healing, uplifting, and empowerment so that you can live a more fulfilled life. Whether you are seeking inner peace or just want to learn more about spirituality, the Modern Soulful Living Podcast is definitely worth listening to.

Welcome to Soulful Sunday Sessions Soulful Sunday Sessions

Rev. Dr. Dorthea Enrique Fondren invites you to join her for the Soulful Sunday Sessions, a podcast focused on helping you live your best life by connecting with your soul. In each episode, Rev. Dr. Fondren shares her wisdom and insights on topics such as mindfulness, spirituality, self-care, and personal growth from a modern and soulful perspective. Tune in every Sunday for uplifting conversations and practical tips that will help you tap into your inner power and live a more fulfilling life.
  1. Welcome to Soulful Sunday Sessions
  2. Episode 1: The Power of Affirmations on Manifesting Your Dreams

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Modern Soulful Living offers a wealth of free articles and blogs on spiritual wellness and personal development. Whether you’re seeking guidance on mindfulness practices, tips for self-care, or insights into the power of positive thinking, Modern Soulful Living has something for everyone. From motivational quotes to guided meditations and everything in between, our content is designed to inspire and uplift readers on their journey towards personal growth. Best of all, with our commitment to providing valuable resources at no cost, anyone can access these transformative tools from the comfort of their own home. So, if you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice or simply gain some inspiration for living your best life today, look no further than Modern Soulful Living!