The mission of Modern Soulful Living™ is to create and provide healing art and spiritual wellness products that are catered to the needs of the modern-day spiritually ambitious individual.

Our company also publishes and sells books, oracle cards & journals for self-discovery.

Also, we also host workshops, webinars, and holistic events to inspire modern ambitious spiritual women to uniquely define their own success, manifest their desires, identify their life purpose and create all-encompassing success holistically on a mind, body, and soul-level. 

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Are you ready to join a Secret Garden of Sisterhood, Spirituality and Magic?

This is a sacred and intentional space, where we can come together to co-create and find the soul-filled healing and spiritual wellness that we need; and everything we do and say here is catered to the lives of the modern-day spiritually ambitious woman in a healing circle.

As, the Guiding Light and High Priestess, Miss Dortheá Enriqué, I am here to help you in your divine path of alignment. I am a professional full-time Psychic and Angel Tarotist, Holistic Therapist, and Spiritual Life Coach. I am also the owner of Modern Soulful Living – Holistic Healing Studio in Metro-Detroit.

Membership into the Soulful Tribe requires a love offering of $5.55 for each New Moon and Full Moon ritual. Click here to join. Membership into the “Secret Garden” of the Modern Soulful Tribe

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Episode 5: The Art of Modern Soulful Living – “Mastering Your Emotions for the art of Manifestation” Modern Soulful Living – Soulful Sunday Sessions

With a lot of patience and loads of practice, you can turn your emotions around. When it comes to manifesting, what you focus on expands. Feelings serve a purpose and are there to guide you. If you pick and choose your feelings and turn them around, you’ll find your way to master manifesting in no time.
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  5. Episode 1: The Art of Modern Soulful Living – “A Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment and Self Discovery”

Featured Products

Each product order is custom-made in order to serve the energetic need of each individual client.

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Goddess Attraction Oil 1/3 Fl Oz

This is an all-natural blend of herbs and oils infused loving intentions with rose quartz crystals and smudged with wild white sage and roses. The base is honey and olive oil to bring in a sweet romance. This intention oil is created to help bring you closer to your soul mate partnership and manifest the love you desire. The concentrations of essential oil in this potion is safe for use on the skin, but please take caution when using essential oils if you are pregnant or have a pre-existing health problem.


Beginner Sage Smudging Box

Sage, Abalone Shell, Turkey Feather, Palone Santo, Quartz stone


Heart Healing – Rose Quartz Crystal Set

Rose Quartz is the stone of infinite love and unconditional peace. It brings deep inner healing and self-love. | 1 Rose Quartz tumbled stone necklace and 1 Rose Quartz chip bracelet.


Crystal Healing Starter Collection

Sage Wand – ($7.77 value) Selenite Wand ($7.77 value) Intention/ Spell Candle ($5.55 value) 6 meditation stones ($66.66 value)


Sage & Rose Yoni Steam

4 oz of herbs (up to 12 uses)


Pink Lemonade Affirmation Cards

This Holistic Healing Oracle card deck was created with the intention to help heal your mind, heart, and Spirit. | 27 card deck for holistic healing


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